Accent Web Design has scaled back operations.
New clients and new work are not being sought at this time.

Accent Web Design has always strived to provide honesty and integrity in Web Design.
If you're looking for an honest web designer I'd suggest steering clear of those emitting jargon and suggestions of a bells & whistles website.
It's more important for your website to be found on the likes of Google and contain the information that people are looking for, than to be a masterpiece in visual presentation.
Ask for examples of Google rankings for the services/products you offer - not just your business name that nobody knows yet - a common ploy by the many scheisters about.
For example, if you are a builder of timber kitchens in Brisbane your website needs to rank well for timber kitchens brisbane and not freds kitchen service pty ltd.
If their bells & whistles websites don't rank in the first 2 or 3 pages of Google results - don't waste your money on them - run!
- Ken Anderson 2015

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